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Jodapris IMBS LLC
Are you growing, maintaining, or even exiting your Business? Jodapris-IMBS is an international marketing consulting company that provides business solutions and academic support. At Jodapris, professional business analysts and consultants understand the complexity of business analytics.
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Organizational Leadership Partners
We are a coalition of consultants leading the way in employee engagement, emotional intelligence, and leadership development; innovative, high-energy, and insightful leadership experts with extensive, multi-faceted experience and a track record of successfully leading organizations to higher levels of engagement and performance.
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Jodapris Christian University
Jodapris University is an independent private and non-profit organization based on Christian beliefs and faith. The University offers online classes to students and professionals pursuing their academic and professional goals and dreams. At Jodapris, students explore their Horizons to expand their visions and achieve their goals.
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CRO Executive RoundTable
You have the experience and confidence to grow your company and are open to learning the revenue process you'll need. CRO Executive RoundTable is a select group of like-minded professionals ready to learn from you and share their insights. We make Chief Revenue Officers here.
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Private French Academy
If you're looking for French/English/Spanish speaker Professionals to assist you with Integrations or translation services, Private French Academy will happily offer you high-standard services provided by highly trained native French speakers. You can talk to us if you want to translate a website, posts, books, presentations, medical records, business or school reports, contracts, certificates, and more. We can also help if you are writing and need Editing for French/English/Spanish Materials. Contact us today to learn more!
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Marie Osako Foundation
Best Way To Make Difference In The Lives Of Others
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